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In Stock Machines
In Stock Machines
In Stock Machines

Explore our robust catalogue of pre-assembled In Stock Machines, designed to optimize lead times without sacrificing quality across the cosmetics, toiletry, and fragrance industries.


Filler – capper:
For perfume, liquid cosmetics, cosmetic creams, hair dye

PKB EKO is the most versatile filler-capper on the market – the EKO is a PKB flagship.

Lino S

Multiformat filler – capper
For eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume, cologne, perfume extract, aftershave lotion, alcohol-based lotion, etc.

The LINO S is a pre-configured modular LINO (Linear Architecture), built to produce perfume at 60 upm.


Synchro S

High-performance servo-drive
Filling / capping machine for perfume

High-performance intermittent rotary machine for filling and capping perfume bottles. Multi-format, extremely versatile, and suitable for small, medium, and large production runs.

Robo Samples

Filler – capper
For perfume samples / vials

This iconic perfume samples filling machine, for multi-format use is suitable for handling glass or plastic vials, with volumes of 2 to 7 ml, and all types of capping systems.

Flexi 200

Flexible robotic feeding solution

PKB Flexi 200 is a standard flexible robotic feeding cell capable of unscrambling a large range of component families.

Flexi 300

Modular robotic tray/box unpacking solution

PKB FLEXI 300 is a standard modular robotic unpacking cell, for distribution from trays and boxes.


Universal multi-nozzle cosmetic filler

The PKB PRIMO is a standard platform machine, which can be deployed on a line with or without pucks, all relevant sub-assemblies are available in stock


PKB designs and builds all distribution systems deployed on our lines.

Whether robotic or traditional mechanical technology, deep understanding of the advantages and limitations of both solutions helps us to optimize machine performance and maximize operational efficiency.
PKB’s DNA is focused on multi-format, agile performance. Our distribution systems are designed with this core goal in mind.


Robotic distribution

Robotic distribution systems can offer even greater diversity in range than traditional mechanical systems. Combined with the latest AI vision guided automation, robotic distribution is very well matched to PKB machine multi-format DNA.

PKB has built up considerable experience in multi-family distribution cells. These can be either integrated into a new project or deployed to replace a mechanical system on an existing line.
Solutions include robotic unscrambling, loading, unloading, handling etc.

Robotic distribution

Mechanical distribution

PKB has a complete offer of mechanical distributions systems to support our core business. These proprietary designs are built and tested in-house.

This range includes vibrating bowls, rotating bowls, DAL (step feeders). These mechanical systems are carefully engineered to deliver precise and reliable distribution of components, enhancing the overall efficiency of assembly processes.

Plug & Play

Certain PKB machines (the EKO in particular) are designed to accept “Plug & Play” distribution systems.

This can be added to an existing machine to incorporate both feeding and setting functions with minimal installation and commissioning times.

The product range allows for stage-wise investment and progressing automation of production.

The “Plug and Play” distributions share the fundamental multi-format DNA.


Most of our machine archit ectures have either circular or linear form.
Base architectures are used to house a series of functions that meet the client’s needs.

Linear Architecture

Intermittent motion linear machines provide good visibility and accessibility to workstations. They are also easily upgradable in the future, allowing for the addition or modification of functions.

The machine “pitch” (distance between two workstations) is easily adjustable with this type of machine. Therefore, a linear architecture can be more easily adapted to client pucks.

Integrating all functions into one continuous linear architecture is one of the best ways to optimize floor space. Our Linear Architecture is intrinsically “extendable”.

Linear Architecture

Circular Architecture

Intermittent motion circular machines are highly compact, more so than Linear Architecture machines with the same functions. On the flip-side, this compactness can reduce physical access to functions. Circular machines are, by definition, less easily extendable.
Certain high-speed applications call for continuous motion – this architecture maximizes cadence over multi-functionality.
Circular Architecture

Combined Architecture

For projects that require many functions it is possible to combine machines and architectures.
Our goal is to always make the best use of machines and technologies at our disposal, to adapt our offer to our client’s needs.

Combined Architecture

Mono-function modules

PKB offers a series of mono-function modules. These can be used stand-alone, or to supplement the functionality of another machine.

Mono-function modules

Robotic Handling

PKB integrates robotics both directly into the machine envelope (machine centered robotics), as well as robotising stand-along functions (robotics centered machine).Incorporation of robotics can lead to greater flexibility, agility and robustness.

When combined with the latest industrial vision technologies, robotic unscrambling and handling help PKB to break new barriers in machine performance.

Robotic Handling

Magnetic Transportation

Magnetic transportation technologies allow for desynchronisation of machine dynamics. These technologies open the door to new machine architectures.

PKB focuses on intelligent integration magnetic transportation systems to offer tangible performance gains.

Resulting benefits include reduced noise, fewer format parts, increased density of data feedback etc.

Magnetic Transportation

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Dive into PKB’s expertise with our latest catalog. Explore top-tier filling and capping machines tailored for the cosmetics, perfume, and pharmaceutical industries. Benefit from 75 years of innovation with solutions like our flagship EKO and versatile PRIMO machines, designed for unmatched efficiency and quality. Embrace the future of production with our multi-format, flexible, and cost-effective technologies. Download now and join forces with a trusted partner dedicated to excellence.

Technical specyfication Machines
  • Versatile
and multi-functional

    PKB filling and capping machines are multi-format, modular and adaptable to your production needs. With a compact design, they’re easy to relocate and expandable if needed. Adjust them due to the current production demand.

  • High-performance

    PKB offers machine flexibility, robotics integration, and many innovative patented solutions and then combine them into a tailor-made product to ensure the high-performance production and great cost efficiency.

  • Industry and product dedicated

    Cosmetics, perfumes, or pharmacy – we have extensive knowledge of production processes in each industry. PKB filling and capping machines meet strict requirements and are tailored for any possible specific product and answer your industry needs.

  • Innovation driven by experience

    PKB has been manufacturing filling and capping machines for almost 75 years, gaining knowledge, expertise and experience for generations. We’re people with a real passion and the unrelenting curiosity that drives innovation, searching for new, more effective solutions to build technical excellence in the field of filling and capping machines.


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