Perfecting the filling process: our cutting-edge technology delivers unmatched precision and efficiency

At PKB, we offer a range of filling solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your products. Our machines are designed with high-precision dosing systems to ensure accurate filling of small volumes and customizable configurations to meet specific production needs. We can handle a variety of liquids, including viscous and challenging recharging processes, with small bottleneck sizes and quick format changeovers.

With PKB’s expertise in the packaging industry, you can trust that your products will be filled with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring consistent and reliable output.

  • High-precision filling technology for accurate dosing

    PKB machines use advanced technology to ensure accurate filling of small volumes, allowing for precise and consistent dosing of your product.

  • Flexible and customizable configurations for versatile production

    Our filling machines offer adjustable pucks to accommodate various bottle sizes, as well as customizable configurations to meet your specific production needs.

  • Efficient and reliable operation for high-speed production

    Built to withstand the demands of high-speed production, PKB filling machines provide consistent and reliable output, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

  • Expertise in the demanding industries for precise and delicate products

    With a deep understanding of the unique challenges of filling cosmetics, fragrances and pharmaceutical products, PKB is the ideal partner for ensuring precise and delicate filling processes, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Filler – capper:
For perfume, liquid cosmetics, cosmetic creams, hair dye

PKB EKO is the most versatile filler-capper on the market – the EKO is a PKB flagship.

Lino S

Multiformat filler – capper
For eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume, cologne, perfume extract, aftershave lotion, alcohol-based lotion, etc.

The LINO S is a pre-configured modular LINO (Linear Architecture), built to produce perfume at 60 upm.


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