High-performance and customizable machines for filling and capping perfume bottles


High-performance and customizable machines for filling and capping perfume bottles

  • Multi-format and versatile

    Our machines are easily adaptable to new packaging. With incredibly quick and straightforward format changeover, our machines are highly reactive and flexible to adjust for any kind of production runs.

  • Using exclusive technology

    We use our own developed and PKB patented technology with perfect use of servodrives to meet the requirements of the perfume industry to the fullest. With our machines you’re able to achieve extremely high dosing accuracy, excellent filling quality with higher speed and efficiency.

  • Perfume industry dedicated

    Multi-functional units with a variety of settings for filling and capping of eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, perfume extract, after shave lotion, alcohol based lotions, oil-based perfume, etc…


Category expertise

A number of key fragrance technologies (filling and capping) have been honed over years of production at highly reputable clients, often operating on 3 shifts.  The result is a range of highly robust, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Customer service and support

We pride ourselves on our customer service and support. We understand the importance of having a reliable and responsive partner when it comes to production lines, and we strive to be that partner for our customers. We provide support at every stage of the process, from initial consultation to after-sales, ensuring that our customers can count on us for assistance whenever they need it.

Trust and relationship building

We believe that trust and relationship building is key to our success as a business. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, based on trust and mutual understanding. We work closely with our customers to understand and tailor our solutions to meet specific needs to ensure their production lines are running at optimal efficiency.


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PKB is a leading provider of filling and capping machines for the perfume industry. We have extensive experience in handling the unique demands of this field, including the specific requirements for filling and capping delicate and high-end perfume bottles. Our machines are designed to handle a wide range of bottle sizes and styles, and we offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your production process.

Our machines are known for their precision, speed, and efficiency, ensuring that your bottles are filled and sealed to the highest standards. Additionally, we offer a full range of services and support, including after-sales service, to ensure that your production lines run smoothly.

Machines features you can rely on:
01 High-precision filling and capping capabilities
02 Adjustable filling and capping speeds to meet production needs
03 Customizable configurations to meet specific industry or company requirements
04 Durable construction for long-lasting performance
05 Ability to handle a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes
06 Advanced technology for accurate and consistent output
07 Easy to operate and maintain for increased efficiency
08 Upgradable architecture, for future addition of automation or assembly steps
09 Compliance with industry safety standards and regulations
Trust PKB to be your partner for all your perfume bottle filling and capping needs.


Perfume samples are an essential tool for introducing new fragrances to the market. They are a way for customers to try a scent before committing to purchasing a full-size bottle. They also allow for easy distribution of a new scent to a wide audience and can be used for promotions and giveaways. Additionally, perfume samples can also be collected and treasured as a small piece of the brand’s history.

PKB understands the importance of producing high-quality and accurate perfume samples, which is why we have dedicated machinery specifically designed for filling and capping sample vials. With our machinery, customers can trust that their samples will be accurately filled and expertly packaged, making them the perfect marketing tool and collectible.

Machines features you can rely on:
01 High-precision dosing capabilities for small-volume fills
02 Multiple vial feeding options:
  • Glass vials from trays/boxes
  • Loose plastic vials
03 Multiple outfeed options:
  • Reloading upright into trays/boxes for semi-finished vials
  • One or multiple-lane horizontal outfeed to downstream machinery
04 Automatic feeding of all common sample pumps/caps
05 Robust construction for high-speed production and long-term reliability
06 Advanced safety features to ensure operator protection and product integrity
07 High-speed production capabilities of up to 400 vials per minute
08 Flexible designs for easy changeover between different product types
09 User-friendly interface for easy operation and maintenance
10 Integration with packaging and labeling equipment for complete sample production lines
11 Customizable configurations to meet specific customer requirements
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At PKB, we understand the unique challenges that come with filling and capping perfume miniatures. Often, clients require that miniature and full-size sales formats can run on the same machine.  This is possible on PKB designs.

We combine the best technologies from the samples and full sales bottles lines to offer a solution well-suited  to “miniatures”.  Our machines are capable of reaching high outputs to keep up with the high demands of the gift box market.

With PKB’s expertise in the perfume industry, you can trust that your miniatures will be filled and capped with the same care and attention to detail as our larger retail bottles. Whether you’re a major brand or a contract packer, PKB is the perfect partner for all your miniature perfume filling and capping needs.

Machines features you can rely on:
01 High-precision dosing system to ensure accurate filling of small volume
02 Customizable configurations to meet specific production needs
03 Built to withstand the demands of high-speed production, ensuring consistent and reliable output
04 Automatic feeding and capping of miniature components
05 Advanced technology such as servo-drive systems and digital control motions for precise and efficient operation
06 User-friendly design for easy operation and maintenance
07 Capable of handling small and delicate components with precision and accuracy, including adjustable pucks for different miniature sizes
Trust PKB to be your partner for all your perfume bottle filling and capping needs.

What our machines offer
for Fragrances industry

  • Filling

    Our range of filling machines offers a variety of filling systems, tailored to meet the unique production needs of our customers..

    Agile and adaptive filling technologies to accommodate a large range of product behaviors

    High dosing accuracy and fast change-overs

    Filling circuits optimized for cleaning, to pharmaceutical-level standards

  • Closing

    A full range of solutions and technologies for all capping operations..

    Highly flexible and can be configured to accommodate different component sizes and styles, making them suitable for a wide range of products

    Traditional or vision-guided robotic distribution, designed and manufactured by PKB

    High level of precision and accuracy in the capping process, ensuring that components are applied consistently and securely

    Rich data available for processing and interpretation, quality control, and analysis

    Highly robust with long design life, designed to be easily maintained locally

    Fast and efficient, with high output rates, allowing for smaller frame sizes and efficient use of space

  • Cleaning

    Our portfolio of filling circuits allows for the matching of appropriate technologies to the cleaning strategies of our clients..

    Programmable CIP (Clean in Place) for customers with the appropriate architecture

    Tool-free and ergonomic disassembly for simpler cleaning strategies

    Highly optimized mechanical design to eliminate retention areas

    High-quality surface finish, appropriate materials, and supporting documentation for sensitive filling applications.

  • Marking

    Our production lines can be equipped with a large range of labeling and marking technologies..

    Either as stand-alone marking/labeling machines or integrated into a multi-function filling/capping machine

    Customizable to meet specific requirements for product identification, traceability, or branding (inkjet printing, thermal transfer, laser marking …)

    Can be combined with state-of-the-art quality control (vision systems, character recognition…)

    Full integration into the PKB automation process

    Can be combined with Handling processes (robotics, manipulation, transfer)

  • Handling

    PKB offers handling solutions both upstream and downstream of the filling and capping stages.  Handling technologies are designed to optimize floor space and increase production line efficiency..

    PKB offers handling solutions that are designed for the needs of a given market – from small contract packers to large fully-automated production lines

    Handling solutions are designed to integrate perfectly with other PKB functions, optimizing overall footprint, cost, speed, and accuracy

    The latest technology such as automated guided vehicles and conveyor systems ensure precise and accurate movement of products

  • CIP/COP Cleaning Modes

    CIP (Clean In Place) and COP (Clean Out of Place) are distinct cleaning modes for the machines. They offer efficient cleaning strategies based on the machine’s configuration and customer’s needs..

    CIP (Clean In Place)

    In the case of CIP (Clean In Place), the machine can be cleaned without having to disassemble the filling circuit (nozzles, pipes, tanks, etc.).

    To achieve this, the machine is equipped with specific equipment and a configurable control program for these devices. Of course, the workshops must be adapted for this type of cleaning.

    Workshop adjustments are necessary to facilitate CIP cleaning.

    Provisions for cold water, hot water, detergent inlets, and drains near the machine.

    Streamlines cleaning process by avoiding circuit disassembly.

    Tailored cleaning solutions for various production setups.

    Efficient maintenance strategies to ensure machine hygiene.

    Adaptability to different cleaning strategies and facility layouts.

    Requires disassembly of the machine’s filling circuit.

    Components are taken to a designated cleaning area within the customer’s facility.

    Centralizes cleaning process for all lines.

    Delicate parts of the filling circuit must be handled with care during disassembly and reassembly.

    Tailored cleaning solutions for various production setups.

    Efficient maintenance strategies to ensure machine hygiene.

    Adaptability to different cleaning strategies and facility layouts.

  • Integration

    PKB machines are developed to integrate easily with any kind of production lines.

    We ensure the seamless integration of our machines into your production line

    We use the latest technology such as Industry 4.0 and IoT to fully integrate the machine with your existing systems and can communicate and share data

    Integration process is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet the specific requirements

    We provide you support to optimize and enhance the performance of your production lines with PKB machines



We are a dependable and trustworthy business partner, dedicated to finding and implementing the best solutions for you.

From the very beginning, we provide support to optimize and enhance the performance of your production lines, ensuring their efficiency.

You can always count on our expert customer service and support, especially our comprehensive after-sales service.


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Top machines for perfumes

Lino S

Multiformat filler – capper
For eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume, cologne, perfume extract, aftershave lotion, alcohol-based lotion, etc.

The LINO S is a pre-configured modular LINO (Linear Architecture), built to produce perfume at 60 upm.


Synchro S

High-performance servo-drive
Filling / capping machine for perfume

High-performance intermittent rotary machine for filling and capping perfume bottles. Multi-format, extremely versatile, and suitable for small, medium, and large production runs.