Robo Samples
Robo Samples

Main Benefits

  • This iconic perfume samples filling machine, for multi-format use is suitable for handling glass or plastic vials, with volumes of 2 to 7 ml, and all types of capping systems
  • The ROBO Samples architecture is based on circular double-headed intermittent motion, with a production speed of 120 bpm
  • This servo-driven work-horse is an industry-recognized solution; highly dependable, robust, and precise
  • Many famous perfume brands and contract packers depend on the PKB ROBO Samples machine for cost-effective, reliable production

Recommended for

perfume samples / vials 

Types of packaging

Main Benefits

01 120 bpm
02 Many automatic feeding types (by cartons for glass bottles, loose from a sorting bowl for plastic bottles)
03 Several automatic unloading systems: direct outfeed towards a cartoning machine, outfeed in intermediate trays for further infeed to a cartoning machine
04 Flexibility (glass or plastic sample bottles of 2 to 7 ml, caps with or without clip, with or without dip-tube, pump types Sophilux, Sophistic’s, Sofpress, …)
05 Compact design (smaller footprint)
06 Productivity (up to 100,000 perfume samples per day)
Functions available to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate


01 Laser marking on either bottle or cap, integrated into the machine frame
02 Multiple feeding or unloading systems
03 2nd filling circuit for parallel CIP (for instant change of fragrance)
04 Ceramic filling pumps
05 Gas extraction
06 Gas analysis

Up to 120 upm

Filling volume

From 0.5 ml to 10 ml

Bottle height

Max: 50 mm


± 0.5%


8 kVA

Electricity supply

Power: 3 × 400 V+N – 50 Hz
Control: 24 VDC

Compressed air

Flow rate: 60 Nm3/h
Pressure: 5 – 7 bars

Working height

900 mm – 950 mm


Width: 1285 mm
Depth: 1920 mm
Height: 2200 mm

Approximate weight

1500 kg

Sound level

< 75 dB A

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Technical specyfication Robo Samples

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