Flexi 300
Flexi 300
Flexi 300

Main Benefits

  • PKB FLEXI 300 is a standard modular robotic unpacking cell, for distribution from trays and boxes
  • This machine has modular options including vertical buffer storage, depalletisation, laser marking
  • The robotic and vision control system is PKB design, add testing and development is done in-house
  • The FLEXI 300 can be supplied as a stand-alone machine, or integrated directly into a LINEAR ARCHITECTURE machine for optimum line footprint

Types of packaging

Main Benefits

01 Available in single or double robot format, componants can be unloaded at large range of machine speeds - up to 200 bpm for small componants
02 A typical glass perfume bottle configuration can unpack bottles from trays or boxes to supply a LINO line at 60 bpm
03 This standard cell is also used for distribtion from trays of luxury perfume caps, delicate color cosmetic application brushes, glass pipettes for feeding to a PKB capping system
04 Optional buffer volume of trays or boxes to create time for pallet change-over. Automated pallet unloading is also possible
05 Nail varnish, mascara and lip-gloss brushes (with or without integrated cap)
06 Optional stacking of empty trays or boxes
07 PKB can test and create new format parts, vision settings, and speed tests at our factory for “turn-key” service on additional formats
08 Aggressive lead-time
Component types
  • Any delicate componants and bottles that required feeding to the production line in trays or boxes
Functions available to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate
Weight checking
function to integrate
Marking & bottom labeling
function to integrate
function to integrate
Other functions

up to 120 or 60 components/minute

Electricity supply

motors machine: 2.5 kW
power: 3 × 220/240 V + N – 50/60 Hz
control: 24 VDC

Compressed air

Flow rate: 15 Nm3/h
Pressure: 6 bars

Working height

1250 mm

Dimensions (single robot)

Width: 1025 mm
Depth: 1850 mm
Height: 2600 mm

Approximate weight

single: 800 kg

Sound level

< 75 dB A

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