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Precision, Quality, and Reliability in Every Step

Our machines are engineered to perform a myriad of functions with utmost precision and reliability, ensuring that every bottle is filled, sealed, and packaged to perfection.

From handling to traceability, each function is designed to optimize efficiency, minimize waste, and uphold the highest standards of quality.

  • Handling

    Automate your production inputs with our handling solutions for continuous output..

    Keep your production line moving seamlessly with PKB’s handling solutions. Our systems are designed to automate the supply of necessary inputs such as pallets, trays, boxes, or bottles/pumps, ensuring your line remains productive without interruptions.

    Enhance production efficiency with automated upstream and downstream integration.

    Flexible solutions tailored to accommodate various input types, reducing manual handling and promoting continuous output.

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  • Cleaning

    Ensure clean bottles/jars before filling with our dedicated cleaning and dedusting systems..

    PKB’s cleaning systems are engineered to remove impurities from bottles and jars efficiently, ensuring they are pristine before filling. Our solutions, which can be standalone or integrated, use advanced methods such as ionized air and vacuum techniques for thorough cleaning.

    Guarantees product purity with comprehensive cleaning solutions.

    Adaptable systems designed for complex cleaning requirements, enhancing product safety and quality.

  • Filling

    Achieve precise dosing with our filling solutions, tailored for a variety of product properties..

    Precision is paramount in dosing, and PKB’s filling solutions are crafted to deliver exact quantities regardless of the product’s physical properties. This complex operation is simplified with our technology, ensuring accurate and consistent dosing.

    Ensures accurate product dosing, enhancing consistency and customer satisfaction.

    Versatile solutions suitable for a wide range of product properties, from viscosity to foaminess.


    Optimise product change-overs with automated cleaning of our filling systems..

    PKB streamlines the transition between production batches with our automated Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Cleaning off Place (COP) systems. These solutions facilitate efficient cleaning of the filling circuits, ensuring they are ready for the next batch without extensive downtime.

    Minimize downtime with automated and efficient cleaning processes.

    Enhance operator safety and ease of use through ergonomic, tool-free disassembly and cleaning procedures.

  • Closing

    Secure your products with our reliable and repeatable closing operations..

    PKB ensures the integrity of your product with our precise closing operations, capable of handling various sealing methods like crimping, push-fit, and screwing. Our systems are designed for consistent performance and include quality control measures.

    Reliable sealing ensures product integrity and customer trust.

    Advanced detection systems to identify and rectify improper closings, maintaining high-quality standards.

  • Sealing

    Protect and seal your products with our heat-sealing solutions for safety and hygiene..

    PKB’s sealing solutions offer an additional layer of product protection, ideal for meeting tamper-proof and hygienic requirements. Whether integrated into a machine or as a standalone option, our systems provide efficient and quality heat sealing.

    Enhanced product safety and hygiene with effective sealing.

    Quality control mechanisms ensure consistent and reliable seal integrity.

  • Assembly
& Orintation

    Perfectly assemble and align components with our sophisticated assembly systems..

    PKB’s assembly systems meticulously combine multiple components, such as in cosmetic products, ensuring each is perfectly aligned and assembled. Our solutions include advanced orientation technologies for high-end products, ensuring logos and openings align flawlessly.

    Streamlined multi-stage assembly process, enhancing product appeal and functionality.

    Precision orientation for premium product presentation and brand consistency.

  • Feeding

    Efficiently supply components to your production line with our versatile feeding solutions..

    Complementing our handling solutions, PKB’s feeding systems precisely deliver the necessary components for assembly directly to the production line. Whether from bulk or organized trays, our feeding solutions support seamless production flow.

    Streamlined component supply to the production line, enhancing efficiency.

    Adaptable to various supply methods, ensuring continuous operation.

  • Marking
& Bottom labeling

    Enhance product identification and control with our marking and labeling technologies..

    PKB’s marking and labeling technologies provide essential quality control and product identification, including tamper-proofing measures. Integrated with our orientation systems, we ensure every product is marked and labeled accurately.

    Precise product identification and quality control for compliance and consumer trust.

    Integrated quality checks with automated cameras/sensors, ensuring marking and labeling accuracy.

  • Weight checking (legal)

    Fulfill legal requirements with our certified weight checking systems..

    PKB offers certified weight checking systems essential for high-end cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, ensuring legal compliance in dose accuracy. These systems can be integrated into machines or operate standalone, adapting to increasing regulatory demands.

    Ensures compliance with legal standards for dose accuracy.

    Adaptable for integration or standalone use, meeting the needs of high-end clients.

  • Control
& Inspection

    Ensure production quality with our advanced control and inspection technologies..

    Our broad spectrum of control and inspection technologies verifies that every production step meets the highest standards. PKB uses a variety of advanced technologies tailored to each function being monitored.

    Comprehensive quality assurance across all production stages.

    Utilizes advanced technologies for precise and reliable inspection results.

  • Traceability
& Audit trail

    Secure your production data for traceability and auditing with our comprehensive systems..

    PKB ensures comprehensive record-keeping of all production data, providing robust traceability and auditing capabilities. Our systems can adapt to specific client requirements, offering flexible data exportation and presentation.

    Enhanced production transparency and compliance with traceability standards.

    Customizable data management solutions to meet diverse client needs.

  • Automatic changeover

    Optimize production flexibility with our automated format changeover capabilities for various product batches..

    PKB’s automated changeover systems are designed to swiftly adapt machines for different product settings, minimizing downtime and reducing the risk of operator error. This automation is a testament to our commitment to efficiency and adaptability.

    Streamlines production changes, saving time and resources.

    Enhances machine longevity and adaptability for future products.

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