Meet our Flagship: The Eko Line

  • Reflecting PKB's decades-long expertise in the field, the EKO is equipped with high quality servo technologies and a robust design, which allows it to be one of the most versatile, compact, economical, and reliable machines in the industry
  • Ideal for small runs and frequent changeovers, the EKO combines maximum precision with practicality
  • An excellent long-term investment that could be delivered to your doorstep in the blink of an eye
  • The EKO can be configured to fill any product and can handle a very large range of assembly. The EKO can easily be adapted from one configuration to another, by the client, in the factory
  • Can be combined with Plug and Play distribution systems, for stage-wise automation and investment
  • The EKO can be combined with PKB machinery upstream and downstream:
    01 Robotic loading and unloading of bottles
    02 Marking and detection machine (labeling, ink-jet, quality inspection, and control)
  • The result is a full primary packing line with an exceptionally compact footprint, delivery time, and performance

Recommended for

Cosmetic creams
Liquid cosmetics
Hair dye

Types of packaging

Functions available to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate
function to integrate


01 Dust remover
02 Servo-driven filling pumps
03 Servo-driven bottom-up filling nozzle
04 Jar rotation
05 Servo-driven torquing
06 Buffer tank
07 Automatic overflow (perfumes), the surplus liquid may be re-routed back to the filling tank via an automatic return system (exclusive
08 Removable automatic pump feeder (TRD)
09 Removable automatic collar feeder (TRD)
10 Nail varnish: insertion of beads/balls, brushes, screw-on caps
11 Jars: Aluminum foil placing, pre-sealing, sealing
12 Mechanical or Robotic feeding (2 assembly stations)
13 Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via Ethernet
14 Depucking via a parallel belt or Cobot

Up to 40 upm

Filling volume

0.5 ml to 500 ml

Bottle height

max: 250 mm


± 0.5%

Electricity supply

Power: 3 × 400 V+N – 50/60 Hz
Control: 24 VDC

Compressed air

Flow rate: 25 Nm3/h
Pressure: 6 bars

Working height

950 mm


Width: 1800 mm
Depth: 1300 mm
Height: 2100 mm

Approximate weight

Net: 1000 kg
Gross: 1400 kg

Sound level

< 75 dB A

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