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Leading the way to worldwide excellence in filling and capping machines technology

We manufacture machines for filling & capping lines

PKB is the leading manufacturer in building automated production-line machines (filling and capping of bottles, and other associated functions) for the cosmetics and perfume industries. We are a reliable partner who delivers the game changing cornerstone of high performance.

To develop and provide reliable and everlasting solutions

With a long-standing reputation for excellence, PKB provides cutting-edge technology for packaging machines led by dedication, passion, and curiosity that drives innovation, searching for new, more effective solutions. We always want to show our clients a better way.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality

We are a team of people passionate about the technology, sharing the common goal to make an impact and build a legacy of excellence in the field of filling and capping machinery. We’re proud to be part our clients’ success.

Our expertise

About us


At PKB, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the most advanced and innovative filling and capping machines for each industry.

Our team of experts in mechanical and automation design work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and develop custom solutions that cater to the unique and evolving packaging requirements of their products.

We take pride in our ability to create machines that are not only highly functional but also adaptable to the ever-changing trends in the industry.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in order to provide our customers with the best possible machinery for their business.


We are engaged in a continuous research and development effort to improve our filling machines and capping lines.

PKB works in partnership with various suppliers and independent laboratories to conduct detailed analysis and certification of fluid flows, electrical equipment, risk zoning, and other areas to optimize and innovate our machines.

We use the latest technology and apply for patents to secure developed innovations. We have recently renewed our entire range of PKB filling machines, making them the most high-tech on the market. Our focus is on offering simplicity for the end user and the best return on investment in equipment.

We have also set up a test workshop to test all types of customer products in live conditions to select the best technology for our customers.



As a designer and manufacturer of filling machines for the Fragrance and Cosmetic industry, we at PKB are particularly sensitive to ecological issues, which is why we have taken measures to improve our environmental performance. This includes the eco-design of our machines, but we also pride ourselves on our ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives.

PKB signed the Charter for an Eco Responsible Cosmetic Valley on 16 October 2009, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development. Cosmetic Valley has awarded PKB 3 peonies for the excellence of its Eco-responsible approach. Moreover, as a member of Cosmetic Valley, we have the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with other members and implement key sustainable development initiatives specific to the Fragrance and Cosmetic industry.

PKB has been awarded with the ECOVADIS Silver Medal for Sustainability ranking, proving our engagement for environmental, labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement issues.


PKB uses the latest technology such as servodrives and digital control motions to optimize the performance of our cosmetic and perfume filling machines. This improves the ease of use, reduces format changeover times, and increases productivity and profitability.

With servodrives we are able to optimize functions like transmission, torque control, dynamic positioning movements, and automatic positioning for format changeovers.

This advanced technology also reduces the need for mechanical maintenance and lubrication tasks.
We offer additional features such as in-built production monitoring, diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via internet.


For over 75 years,

PKB has been manufacturing filling and capping machines for cosmetics and fragrance products. Always striving for innovation in packaging machines and filling lines technology.

We’re widely acknowledged as the packaging machines experts and the global leader in the manufacturing for the perfume, cosmetics, and contract packer industries.

PKB has sold more than


machines all around the world.


of exports all over the world.



PKB’s story begins with Pierre Kalix-Barde, an aspiring entrepreneur, who made PKB’s vision into reality and created the company. PKB’s activity focused on liquid filling machines to supply the post-war market of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The company eventually was founded in Gentilly, France.


PKB found its way to the heart of the French Normandy, transferring its premises to Prey.


With the arrival of Christophe Guyard, PKB shifted focus to a new niche market: filling and capping machines for cosmetics and fragrances.


Acquisition of the company ADV, a world leader in the distribution of bulk items for Perfumery and Cosmetics (perfume pumps, cosmetics, frets, caps, etc) located in Montgeron, France (91).


Creation of PKB Inc. in New Jersey, USA.


To increase its production capacity, PKB invested in a new factory located in Angerville (Normandy), notably for the manufacturing of complete packaging lines which require significant space, as well as for the development of new filling machine technologies. On this new site of 3500 m2, the company’s input/output flows were significantly optimized.


Creation of PKB India Ltd in Pune, near Mumbai in India.


Creation of PKB Gmbh in Saarbrücken, Germany.


The business is growing and so is PKB. A new production site and offices have seen the light, and PKB has doubled its surface.

and values

Technical excellence

We design and manufacture the most reliable, durable, ergonomic, precise, and flexible filling machines that meet the current and future needs of the cosmetics and perfume industries.

We are dedicated to being a driver of innovation in the field to deliver the best solutions to our customers.


We provide high-level project management experience, after-sales service, and joint development projects such that we are the trustworthy and reliable partner of choice for established and emerging clients in our industry.

Relationships lay in the foundation of our client-centric approach.


We nourish a safe, healthy, transparent, stable, and participative work environment. We make sure to provide the best possible conditions for professional growth and development.

We care for our work as much as we care for each other.

Our Commitments

Gender Equity at PKB

PKB has a long-standing commitment to achieve gender equity at all levels and functions of the company. The overall gender equality index for 2024 cannot be calculated; it is broken down by different indicators as follows:



Wage gap



Salary increase gap



Maternity leave index



Number of employees from the under-represented gender among the 10 highest wages



Join our team and drive up your career at PKB. We value your expertise and would love the opportunity to work and build excellence together.

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They trusted us

Our network

PKB adds value to its industrial cosmetics and fragrance packaging expertise, offering clients the benefits of its national networks through its membership of various communities (cosmetic cluster, professional syndicates, professional organizations).


(French Packaging and Processing Machinery Trade Association)


(French Manufacturing Machinery and Technologies Trade Association)

Ecovadis Silver Medal in Sustainability Ranking

Where we are


1 Route d’Orléans
F-27930 Angerville la Campagne


1 Route d’Orléans
F-27930 Angerville la Campagne


PKB GmbH, Lebacher Straße 66113 Saarbrücken Germany


PKB INDIA PVT. LTD, Gat No. 251/1, Plot No. 3 Mahadevi Industrial Park, Behind Hotel Matrix Talegaon Road, Village Kharabwadi Chakan Pune 410501 India


37 Station Drive, Suite A
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

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