Seal the deal: the ultimate capping technology for your production line


Our capping machines are designed with advanced technology and customizable configurations to ensure precise and efficient operation for a variety of packaging needs. From screw caps to press-on caps, we offer a range of solutions for secure and reliable sealing.

With PKB, you can trust that your products will be capped with the utmost care and attention to detail.

  • Secure and reliable sealing

    Our capping machines use advanced technology to ensure that your products are securely and reliably sealed. This helps to prevent leaks and spills, keeping your products fresh and safe for your customers.

  • Versatile solutions for various cap types

    Whether you require screw caps, press-on caps, or other types of caps, our machines offer versatile solutions for a range of cap types. This ensures that your capping process is efficient and adaptable to your specific needs.

  • High precision and accuracy

    Our capping machines feature high-precision dosing systems and advanced technology such as servo-drive systems and digital control motions, ensuring that each cap is applied with precision and accuracy.

  • Customizable configurations

    We understand that each packaging line is unique, which is why we offer customizable configurations to meet your specific production needs. Our machines can be tailored to fit your existing production line, allowing for seamless integration and improved efficiency.


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Machines for various 
capping needs

Synchro S

High-performance servo-drive
Filling / capping machine for perfume

High-performance intermittent rotary machine for filling and capping perfume bottles. Multi-format, extremely versatile, and suitable for small, medium, and large production runs.

Robo Samples

Filler – capper
For perfume samples / vials

This iconic perfume samples filling machine, for multi-format use is suitable for handling glass or plastic vials, with volumes of 2 to 7 ml, and all types of capping systems.

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