Hair Care


Filling and capping machines with mass flowmeters for optimum filling of specific hair care products

Hair Care
  • Modular and adaptable

    Compact design, custom-made and versatile, easy to relocate, adjusted to be multi-functional, expansible and upgradeable with the new or different modules, ideal for small and large production runs.

  • Industry dedicated

    Specially designed for products like shampoo, hair-dye, conditioner, hair serum, hair mask or hair oil. PKB has developed a complete range of filling machines that can handle highly specific hair-care products (corrosive or highly corrosive), different volumes to be filled and different outputs.

  • Meeting strict requirements

    Hair colouring products vary in how aggressive they are, depending on their composition, hence the absolute need to use appropriate materials for their packaging. As it happens, flowmeters are THE best answer to premature wear of the filling circuit (abrasion, seals corroded by oxidising agents, repeat leaks, loss of precision, machines stopping regularly, frequent breakdown or preventive maintenance work, staff exposure to toxic products).

  • High performance

    Designed to provide the best possible performance for a specific purpose and dynamics of production, guaranteeing reliable cost efficiency for the highest quality.


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