Color Cosmetics


filling and capping machines designed for color cosmetics

Color Cosmetics
  • Modular and adaptable

    Color Cosmetics such as nail varnish, liquid make-up, mascara and lip gloss are products that demand the right packaging technology. By their very nature, they leave residue in filling circuits, in contrary to white cosmetics (millks, lotions, gels, shampoos, etc.) which are easily cleanable. Taking this specific characteristic of color cosmetics into account, PKB has developed high-performance filling technology that has won over many players in the cosmetics industry.

  • Industry dedicated

    Multi-functional units with a variety of settings for filling and capping of nail varnish, glitters, liquid foundation, mascara, lip-gloss and eyeliner.

  • Meeting strict requirements

    Very thick products, small volumes, difficult recharging, small bottlenecks, glitter, fast drying products, large numbers of colors, numerous quick format changeovers, optimum ergonomics, different outputs, different budgets, etc.

  • High performance

    Designed to provide the best possible performance for a specific purpose and dynamics of production, guaranteeing reliable cost efficiency for the highest quality.


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Due to our experience, in PKB we’re aware of the incredibly wide variety of textures and an infinitely variable color range. We carefully pay attention to the details of the product itself, whether it’s viscous or semi-viscous or if the nail varnish comes with or without glitter.

We’re precise to determine every aspect of the order to fully optimize the solutions in fillip and capping machines for the specific brand and product of color cosmetics.

We’re able to answer both demand of mass market production with up to 100 bottles per minute, and small craft production filling bottles of nail varnish in small batches, up to 1200 bottles per hour.

Machines features you can rely on:
01 Filling: full range of pumps and nozzles
02 Capping: full range of closures
03 Straightforward, uncomplicated operation 
(no special qualifications or training required)
04 Quick drying varnish
05 Color change in less than 10 seconds
06 Handling the glitters
07 Multitude of different formats
08 Performing all types of operations required in the nail varnish industry: one or more beads, caps, brushes, brush/cap pre-assembled
09 Optimized ergonomics
10 Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via internet
11 Production flexibility
12 Excellent value
13 Best quality/price/delivery time ratio on the market
Each of our filling and capping machine is versatile, multi-functional and optimised in terms of cost efficiency.


While developing our filling lines technology for the liquid makeup category products, we focused on their key specificity – dealing with a product that is both liquid and thick.

Liquid makeup is composed of pigments and is thicker than most standard liquid cosmetics. The key factors of the complex filling process are the viscosity of the product itself and the narrow bottle neck.

The PKB filling machines are designed to perfectly suit these viscosity related constraints. These nozzles make it possible to handle all the various foundation textures (oily, sticky, stringy) while adapting to any diameter of a bottle neck.

Machines features you can rely on:
01 Evolutive and versatile
02 Quick and easy changeovers in less than 
10 minutes
03 Cleaning in place (CIP) in masked time, while the machine is operating (dual filling circuits)
04 Simple and accurate torque format changeovers thanks to the servodrive technology
05 Multi-format pump placement carousel that reduces to a minimum the setting and adjustment time of this station
06 Monitored filling
07 Easy adaptation to new packaging
08 Large range of closures: screw-on caps, press-on caps, screw-on pumps, press-on pumps, pumps to be orientated, etc.
09 Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via internet
PKB filling and capping machines for liquid makeup are cost-efficient with an excellent quality/price ratio.


Among all colored cosmetics, Mascara is one of the most demanding in terms of high-level filling and capping production technology. We fully understand the requirements and demands of the product that is protected with over 2500 patents worldwide.

PKB throughout its history was always standing to every challenge to design and develop cosmetics filling and capping lines. We thrive to make it as much customizable and optimized as possible.

Our focus is on adaptability to the constraints of diverse packaging and specific our clients’ needs.

Machines features you can rely on:
01 Filling a very thick product
02 Obtaining high dosing accuracy even for very small volumes (5 to 10 ml)
03 Product priming despite high viscosity
04 Avoiding air trapping with “bottom-up” filling
05 Easy adaptation to diverse packaging (round, oval, square, cylindrical and triangular bottles)
06 Working with brushes with a variety of shapes and characteristics
07 Brushes are distributed mechanically using an innovative system (“racetrackfeeder” – PKB’s exclusive patented system)
08 Easy to use, robust, low-maintenance
09 Easy-to-follow and user-friendly instructions
10 Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via internet


As with each of the different types of colored cosmetics, in the case of lip-gloss, we took into account the specificity of the product itself. At PKB, in addition to our expertise, we have always paid attention to the feedback of our customers, which is why manufacturers can count on a scalable and highly flexible technology for every lip-gloss production need.

Lip-gloss is a liquid product derived from lipstick, but filling and capping the product requires a particular approach. Lip-gloss must be heated to be filled. This characteristic requires the use of a heating tank equipped with a device to maintain the temperature very accurately and a mixing system to ensure the product is homogeneous.

Machines features you can rely on:
01 Continuos and bottom-up filling thanks to use of servodrives
02 Programmable nozzle up/down speed
03 Full range of solutions and technologies for capping operations
04 Complete choice of different types of filling
05 High accuracy of dosing
06 Versatility and compactness
07 Easy adaptation to new packagings
08 Ergonomics
09 Easy to use, robust, low maintenance
10 Applicators distribution innovative system (PKB exclusively patented)
11 Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via internet
12 Excellent quality/price ratio


By producing and developing machines that can provide the greatest performance and quality of eyeliner production, we analyzed how it differs from other colored cosmetics. Eyeliner as a product has very similar filling and capping requirements as mascara, but unlike lip-gloss, eyeliner doesn’t require heating before filling.

For each type of color cosmetics, we match the most efficient solutions based on PKB patented filling and capping technology tailored to the specificity of the product. The eyeliner brush is fed by the same PKB patented distribution system as mascara brushes and lip-gloss applicators, offering even more versatility.


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