Body Care


Filling and capping machines for precise and accurate filling of lotions, creams, and other body care products

Body Care
  • Multi-format, 
extremely versatile

    The machines feature a compact design that is custom-made and versatile, making them easy to relocate and adjust to be multi-functional. They are also expansible and upgradeable with new or different modules, allowing for easy adaptation to new packaging. These machines are ideal for small, medium, and large production runs.

  • Product oriented

    PKB offers the most complete and versatile range of filling and capping machines for shampoo, conditioner, foam bath, liquid soap, shower gel, moisturizing milk, makeup remover, sun lotion, lotion, oil, deodorant, roll-on, cosmetic cream (jars), etc.

  • Meeting precise requirements

    Mass Flowmeters technology is the best answer to premature wear of the filling circuit due to hair-dye products. Flowmeters offer in addition: no retention area, almost no change parts, dosing accuracy, optimized cleaning and sanitizing, optimized production output.

  • High performance

    Filling and capping machines designed to provide the best possible performance for a specific purpose and dynamics of production, offering impressive outputs in terms of volumes on an intermittent machine, up to 1.8 tons per hour!


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